About Us

Signia Capital Management is a boutique money management firm specializing in value investing. The firm’s research process identifies deep value companies that possess high quality capital structures combined with a fundamental catalyst to drive the company toward intrinsic value. Portfolio managers utilize a team approach that integrates the collective insight of each portfolio manager with the objectives of creating a well-diversified portfolio that will generate excess returns over the long term. Signia manages money for public and private pension funds nationwide and was founded by the investment professionals who serve as managing partners.

Our Philosophy

Signia Capital’s investment strategies are based on the premise that markets are inefficient. We believe that natural human psychology leads investors to project current information too far into the future.  This behavioral bias creates substantial investment opportunities.  Signia has designed a bottom-up, fundamental value-based investment process to focus intently on such situations, and attempts to systematically capitalize on these opportunities. This bottom-up process strives to identify only those companies with strong balance sheets and solid underlying tangible book values.